Lets say you’ve decided to sell your property and like all sellers you want to get the most you can out of the sale. So, you start looking around the property and pose the question… “Should I do some renovations before I sell?”
The answer… is not so easy. For some things in the property, yes you should fix and touch up or replace altogether, for others, maybe you should just leave it to the new owners.
If you want to sell your property for as much as you can, it might not require a full renovation. As long as the property doesn’t have any significant issues and looks presentable, you shouldn’t have a problem selling (as long as the price is right of course).
If there is some patch work on the paint and some other small fixes to be done, I would recommend doing them. As buyers would most likely just see that as more painstaking work for the property and result in lower offers. However, when is comes to flooring or the kitchen cabinets, you might have tiles and decide to change them to laminate but the new owners come in and change them to carpet… I would recommend, depending on the property, to just leaves those sorts of things as is.
But, sometimes those things will need a change or updating… When it comes to renovating for a sale, make sure you get your agent to give you some advice before you start. They will know what the buyers in the market are looking for and recommend what needs to be done to make the house presentable, without any unnecessary work.