Selling your home is a big decision and I’m sure you would like to get it right. So here are 3 common mistakes a seller can make when listing their home on the market.

▪️Difficult Showing Hours

Imagine trying to sell your house to buyer who hasn’t physically seen the property. It might prove to be difficult. So, sellers need to understand that when you list your house for sale, inconvenient showing times are going to creep up. It is your agents job to try box together showings as much as possible. However, there is inevitably qualified buyers who have a tight schedule. Last thing you need is for them to pass over your home, which could be perfect for them, because the time was a little inconvenient. Qualified buyers can come from anywhere and sometimes they have flown into the area for only a few days to look at property. It is essential to try to accommodate these potential purchasers.

▪️Unwilling to De-personalise your home and declutter.

If you’ve ever tried manifestation, you’ll understand this, you need to sell your home in your mind before you can sell in real life. This goes hand in hand with de-personalising your home in order to allow any buyers who view the property to imagine themselves living there. Successfully selling your home can takes some compromise. Declutter your home and help the buyer visualise themselves in the space. This can be hard when your things are filling up the house.

▪️Seller Acting as tour guide

Almost every agent would agree here, during showhouses the seller should leave the house. This makes it easier for the buyer to feel comfortable and open up about their opinions of the house and thus allowing us, the agent, the salespeople, to handle the buyer objections and queries.
Some sellers insist on sticking around and making sure the buyer sees all the important features of the home. They mean well but could be doing more harm than good. Sellers that hover can make the buyer feel nervous and uncomfortable, exactly the opposite of what we need them to feel in order to like the house.

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